The Music Man – August 1992

Summer Musical Enterprise’s initial show provided a great vehicle for the talent of the community and started with a sold-out opening night with a special appearance by the Highty Tighties under the direction of Major George McNeill for the final scene and bows. If you are familiar with the show, all of the boys band members play the “Minuet in G” proving that Harold Hill’s “Think System” really works after all. As the orchestra swelled for the end of the scene, and the curtain closed, the Highty Tighties came in from all of the theatre entrances and after a drum roll from the pit, played “76 Trombones” along with the pit orchestra. This brought the audience to its feet for a prolonged standing ovation. This was a auspicious beginning to this organization.

Production Team

Producer – Ann Hess
Director – GeorgAnne Voland-Buck
Music – Charlotte Smith
Choreography – Pat Horne
Technical – Russell Shock