Heather Leeper

Heather Leeper (Dance Captain / Feature Dancer / Wolf / Ensemble) is excited to be making her debut with Summer Musical Enterprise. Heather has studied dance for over 20 years. She trained in Saratoga, NY under New York City Ballet esteemed alumni; Michael Steele, Olga Kostritzky, Deborah Wingert, and Garielle Whittle. As well as under Patti Pugh Moore at the Saratoga City Ballet, and Darlene Myers at the Myers School of Dance. Heather has performed with various companies including the New York City Ballet, Saratoga City Ballet (soloist), Ballet Regent, Northeast Ballet (soloist), Burklyn Ballet, Blacksburg Ballet (soloist), Albany Berkshire Ballet (soloist), and the Dance Company at Virginia Tech. In addition to a classical ballet background, Heather was also a professional cheerleader for three years in Washington, D.C.. Heather is the owner and director of Little Leapers & LEAP Performing Arts Academy here in Blacksburg (and Roanoke), which includes directing the Nutcracker at the Moss Arts Center.