Rodney McAllister

Rodney is blessed to have spent 40 years on stages in Musical Theater Therapy. From amusement parks, community, dinner, and professional theaters, Rodney returned to SME for the 2017 production of “Beauty and the Beast” as Lumiere. Theatre can heal, it can enlighten, it can disturb. I highly recommend it. Favorite roles include: Seymour, “Little Shop of Horrors”; Bobby, “A
Chorus Line”; Sparky, “Forever Plaid”; The Baker, “Into the Woods”; “And the World Goes Round”; “A Day in Hollywood, A Night in the Ukraine”; Buddy, “The Cardigans”; and he was a Kings Dominion singer and dancer. Rodney has also directed and choreographed “Gypsy”; “Baby”; the Charlotte Boys’ Choir; and numerous industrials.