Roxi Jara

This is Roxi’s 3rd production with Summer Musical Enterprise. In previous years she’s been a member of the ensemble for both Beauty and the Beast 2017, and Peter Pan 2012 (played an Indian). She studies dance with Little Leapers dance studio in Blacksburg, where she’s performed with them in their last four productions as a dancer/actor/singer/rapper/costume designer/maker. She has been in several productions of The Nutcracker, as a maid, solo Jester, and Spanish Matador. Roxi also had her first improv show downtown this year through Little Leapers. She is so delight and thrilled to be part of Sweeney Todd, another amazing show for SME! She loves sharing the stage and her passion with all her extremely talented friends, new and old. When she is not rehearsing or going to dance class she makes costumes for the conventions she attends. She works at Virginia Tech and at NRVCS. She has been part of the NRV community since 2008 so perhaps at some point you’ve given a
nod to Roxi.